“Hiking, trails, and many walks

The Adriatic sea meets the countryside, velvet beaches and clear waters give way to rolling gentle hills dotted with vineyards . The Conero Park, in the past few years, has been rediscovered. So, in an unforgettable landscape, country houses such as “Agriturismo La Sorgente” live a second youth and its several surrounding footpaths will lead you to amazing walks and bike rides.

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The pearl of Conero

Sirolo is the Pearl of the Riviera del Conero. It is a small medieval village, famous for his amazing beaches, the crystalline sea- water and its renowned Belvedere situated on the main square from which it is possible to admire, in all its beauty, the mount Conero and the sandy coastline of the south.

distance: 9km


A bay for those who love Windsurf

A treasure that has been wisely left in its natural state, a small fishermen village, enriched by a Napoleonic fortress, the Tower of guard and the Church of Santa Maria, built in the XI th C, a real jewel of the Romanesque style.

distance: 6km


For those who love sports and nature.

The regional Park of Conero was established by the Marches Council in 1987. The protected territory includes the stretch of high coast between the city of Ancona and the mouth of the river Musone , as well as a wide band of internal hills. The heart of the Park is Mount Conero, with horizontal slopes made from imposing cliffs which lower into the sea.

distance: 10km


The undergruond city

The caves of Camerano lead the visitor to a real underground city. They were dug in the sandstone and run through an underground maze of tunnels. The origins of the caves are almost unknown, but undoubtedly they are rooted in a magic blend of history and legend.

distance: 3km


The center of cristianity

For seven centuries, thousands of pilgrims have reached Loreto in order to visit the Holy House in one of the world’s most famous sanctuaries .It is the” room “ of the Virgin Mary that, according to the tradition, in 1294 angels flew over from Nazareth.

distance: 15km


The guardian of the Adriatic Sea

Ancona was founded by Syracusans in the 14th c. B.C., the very name comes from the Greek word”ANKON” which means “elbow” . It is a here and there city with soft and rough edges, rich in ancient memories : the Cathedral of St.Ciriaco, situated on the Guasco Hill, the Teatro delle Muse, Piazza del Papa. The natural harbour contains historical building, business, magnificent sites foor tourist events.


distance: 12km


The old port

Numana was the port of the Picenes and had many contacts with Greece. Its beauty consists of its historical centre that seems to be clinging to the slopes of Mount Conero. Numana stands out for its rocky coastline and wide sandy shores.

distance: 11km